1. Overview

Tsehay Insurance s.c. was established in March 2012 in accordance with the NBE proclamation No.86/1994 by 105 Ethiopian shareholders (individuals & enterprises) with a mission of providing general insurance services for the public. While starting operation, it’s subscribed and initial paid up capital was Birr 45.1 and 11.2 million respectively. Currently, the company is owned by 245 shareholders and the authorized capital rose to Birr 120 million while the paid up capital become Birr 120 million.

  1. Company Profile


  • To be trustworthy insurance company, which generation will be proud of!!


  • Providing prompt & reliable insurance service at fair price by motivated and technologically supported staffs to insure sustainable profitability and contribute to the overall national growth.

Core Values:

  • Committed to prompt and reliable customer service
  • Serving with utmost respect
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity and fairness
  • Promise-keeping
  • Confidentiality
  • Creativity and dynamism

Main Engagement: General Insurance Business

Paid Up Capital:   120 Million Birr

Subscribed Capital:   120 Million Birr

Motto:  The Sun Shines for All! / ፀሐይ ለሁሉም ታበራለች!!

 Branches: The Company has 30 branches in total: 21 in Addis Ababa and 9 in regional towns.

Staff: Number of Company’s staff reached 262

Customers: The Company has a wide and diversified customer base including prominent enterprises and individuals. Its number of customers reached more than 50,000.

Board of Directors:                          

  1.     Ms. Mahider Kiber (Chairwomen)
  2.     Mr. Mengist Zebenay (Vice Chairman)
  3.     Mr. Biruh Tesfaye (Board Member)
  4.     Mr. Ermias Biruk (Board Member)
  5.     Mr. Yihun Meseret (Board Member)
  6.     Dr. Yaregal Asabe (Board Member)
  7.     Mr. Tefera Desta (Board Member)
  8.     Mr. Habtamu Alebachew (Board Member)
  9.     Mr. Tilahun Awoke Mehamedin (Board Member)

Executive Management:

  1.      Mr. Kassa Lisanework—————- CEO
  2.      Mr. Yilma Gebrie —————- DCEO (Operations)
  3.      Mr. Birhanu kiber ——————- EO (Marketing and Business development)
  4.      Ms. Hewan Mogess —————– EO (Finance and Administration)
  5.      Mr. Solomon Assefa —————– EO (Underwriting)
  6.      Mr. Nebere Degsew —————– EO (Chief Auditor)
  7.      Mr. Abebe Sisay —————– EO (Human Resource and Property Administration Department)
  8.      Ms. Selamawit Yonas —————– EO (Claim)
  9.      Mr. Ashenafi Korssa —————– MGR (Information Technology Service)
  10.    Mr. Gedlu Dejene —————– MGR (Engineering Service)