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Liability Insurance


Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

This Insurance is synonymously referred as “Employers’ Liability”.

It covers the insured employees against death or bodily injury by accident or occupational diseases occurring at the place assigned to them for work or arising from their work and during the time of their work.

The cover includes Death, or Disablement of all kind, (Permanent or Temporary), or (Partial or Total) disability of the insured. It can be purchased by an individual.
Public Liabilities

It covers legal liability of the insured against bodily injury or illness of any person or loss of or damage to property occurring within the territorial limits stated in the policy as a result of an accident & happening or caused as described in the policy as description of risk.

Professional Indemnities

It covers the insured against liability at law in respect of any claim or claims for breach of professional duty.

Carriers Liabilities

It covers the insured against legal liability to pay damages in respect of accidental. a) Death of or bodily injury, disease or illness to any person b) Loss of or damage to material property caused by or arising from any goods or other property sold, supplied, installed, delivered, repaired, erected, altered, treated or tested by the Insured in connection with the business, after the products have ceased to be in the custody or control of the insured.

Carriers Liabilities

It covers loss of or damage in delivery of goods carried by the insured which occur during carriage and within the period of insurance from the moment the goods are loaded on the carrying conveyance until the time of delivery and the carriage is performed by the carrying conveyance specified in the Schedule.

Motor Third Party Liability

The Policy covers the insured against liability in respect of death or bodily injury to any person or damage to property arising from collision, roll/overturning, fire or explosion caused by the insured vehicle and/or liability for damage or injury caused by falling of objects carried by the vehicle, its accessories or tools being used in connection with the vehicle.

  1. In respect of death or bodily injury

- Emergency Medical Treatment....... Birr 2,000.00 per Person

- Death.......................................Up to Birr 40,000.00 per Person

- Bodily Injury............ Not exceeding Birr 40,000.00 per Person

  1. In respect of property damage.... Up to Birr 100,000.00 per accident.

 N.B. The above covered, mentioned on “B” can be extended for additional amount with the 

           Payment of additional premium.



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