Our Underwriting Service is special with the following features

  1.  Development of Tailor made policy depending on the need of customers
  2.  Fast and reliability
  3.  Fair and commensurate premium
  4. Cross branch seamless service access – customers can get any service from other branches on behalf of their branch
  5. Providing risk assessment, inspection, advice and consultation and with all possible recommendations for its customers
  6.  Special service and support on risk management for corporate clients

Generally, to get an insurance cover policy, you’ll need to complete the prepared application or proposal form (a questionnaire that help to give detailed information about the property /person/ liability/ other to be insured), provide applicable documents, effect the premium payment. For a prompt and immediate service knowing exactly what information you need to provide and what documents you may need to bring paramount above all.

  1. Check the correct naming of our company name typing [Tsehay Insurance S.c.] on the check you sign (for check payment only)
  2. With holding receipt (only for organizations which are authorized to withhold tax)
  3. Ensure the signature and your company stamp for organizations and letter of assignment (for organizations only and if necessary)

Required documents or information to get prompt insurance service should be presented for each class of businesses. Documents or information needed for different type of insurance services are attached on other information page of the website under Publication and Forms section.

Any customer who have insurance coverage from Tsehay insurance s.c.  will be notified for renewal of its insurance policy from the branch where the insurance policy is subscribed,

Customers are highly recommended to contact our branch from which you get the policy before a month of the policy expiry date and renew the policy on or before the expiry date because your cover ends exactly at the end of the period of insurance stated on your policy schedule. After that date you have no cover unless and otherwise the policy is renewed.

Renewals after policy expiry date are subject to pre risk inspection and survey, which might be inconvenient to you. Hence, to avoid such on time or in advance renewal is recommended and appreciated.

While  a customer comes for renewal of  insurance policy coverage, he/she will be requested to Fulfill the renewal notice form attached on the Proposal forms page of this website under Publications and Forms section.

For more information :-

phone:- 251111119671